Brief in English

Since 1991 HMV-Systems has been supporting automotive education. Our main product is Prodiags - a virtual e-learning environment for automotive technology. We seek international growth in that business and to support this strategy, we have changed the name of the company from HMV-Systems Ltd to Prodiags Ltd. If you wish to know more about our Prodiags -learning environment, please see our website.

We have still kept the name HMV-systems alive in our other businesses in Finland and in the Baltics. We continue to give face-to-face training sessions to our valued corporate customers and we still distribute special tools and test equipment to support training and difficult fault finding. We also continue our on-line hotline service to help workshops in their daily work.

If you wish to discuss about cooperation in training, please contact our managing director Rudi Steiner in matters concerning Finland and other countries and concerning Baltics, please contact HMV-Baltics managing director Virgo Tiitsu.