Automotive Training

Our training customers in Finland and the Baltic countries include educational institutes, automotive importers, workshops, machinery manufacturers and various associations.
Our main goal is to maintain a high standard of training. If our customer is a car manufacturer, they can rest assured that we execute the training event to their quality specifications. We have experience of co-operation with many manufacturers, such as Renault and Nissan.
We have produced self-study programs for more than 20 years; these programs can be used over the Internet. The programs are available in several languages, with more translations currently in progress. 

Training Support

Our trainers, with a wide range of technical backgrounds and an extensive experience from workshops, are suited for both lecture-type or actual hands-on traning. The hmvProDiags is the tool to support your training event. It can be used as an LMS tool, as a pre-learning environment, or as a useful method for reviewing and testing the skills of students.
Vehicle technology is developing rapidly, and unexpected organisational changes sometimes occur. We provide highly flexible training and preparation services in Finland and the Baltics. 

We can help you with:
  • translating the original material to technical Finnish or Estonian
  • manufacturing pre-learning materials
  • providing your customers with an eLearning environment
  • planning your training
  • ensuring better student management
  • executing knowledge testing and practical skills testing

All our training support services are absolutely confidential and very cost effective.

Skill Assessment and Testing

Vehicles are continually developing, with more and more new features, and keeping the technicians steadily up to date is the biggest goal in training. Testing the knowledge and skills of technicians is a unique tool that gives answers to the following questions:
  • Has your training program kept up with technical development?
  • Which technical skills need improvement?
  • Which topics would your technicians and their supervisors want to know more about?
  • How good is the general level of knowledge in your organisation? 
Knowledge and skills testing can be done over the Internet, as hands-on testing, or as a combination of both. The tests may involve several parts that can be executed at different times or all at once. Test results can also be modified to match the target level of your company. Testing services are always tailored for each customer.
We have experience of testing with many car manufacturers, academies and workshops.